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13 Places Introverts Would Love To Travel

Introverts In this You probably know a few people who consider themselves as one. If not, then let me be the first.

In this world you surely know some people who count themselves in the list of this habit. But if you not know anyone consider me as one of them.

Let me give the basic definition about introverts.

Who Are Introverts Actually?

Introverts are actually those few people who need some specific environment like away from the hustle and bustle of the society. They are competently opposite to those extroverts who always searching for that particular environment where he/she get some people and get enjoyed. They mostly like noise and crowd. But when it comes to the introvert person, he/she restrict himself/herself from the chaos of the society.

There is literally no one who thinks that he get away from the normal behavior of the society. This particular person always prefers to go for some travel to some peaceful land where no one except his/her own shade to enjoy their life. And this is why he/she always getting into trouble for searching travel destination and happy moments to satisfy his/her needs to meet their habits.

Comparing to extroverts, introvert person always pay much attention to go for traveling’s. And just love different destinations as compared to the extroverts. In context of extroverts there may be take this introvert habit as uncommon and unconventional however, the introvert people find such places and things much interesting 

Introverts love to travel as much as extroverts. We just prefer different destinations. Extroverts may perceive them as unconventional but introverts find that such places are interesting and restorative.

For the Extroverts, they might prefer to go for the travel to places and cities like Paris or Tokyo but on the other hands, Introverts might really be loved the same cities but they will go for those places and activities where they feel calm, peace and away from the crowd.

So, referring to above subject (unexplored places for introverts) I will mention 19 places where an introvert can opt for his/her traveling’s.


1. Travel to the Amazing Shores Of Nevis:

In the region America, Caribbean Sea but it includes many enchanting and captivating sequence of islands that has an amazing beauty having clear crystal water, Natural beauty and the stunning white sand. There are also an amazing beaches and islands that will boost up your level introversions to satisfy his/her habits.

Nevis is a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea that creates an arc of Leeward islands layer of the West Indies. Here, for information, Nevis islands and the other surrounding Saint Kitts island joins to form one country.

Nevis and Saint Kitts is located near the northern end of the lesser Antilles .Which spread around 350 Km east-southeast of Puerto Rico and 80 Km west of Antigua.

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For the introverts, a major part of this Nevis Islands is, neither running any specific tour operators nor running any particular hoteling and restaurant. Which create a crowd and make hustle and bustle on the surrounding of the island. Even the major airline companies don’t operate here. Rather there is only one major hotel chain solely representing this entire Nevis Island. Reserving a beachfront hotel gives you a complete and lavish memory having life-lasting beautiful sceneries; like this place suits your introversion.

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 Travel to the Amazing Shores Of Nevis
Travel to the Amazing Shores Of Nevis

2. Stimulate Your Soul In The Canadian Rocky Mountains:

Portion of the Rocky Mountains, spreading southeastward for about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from northern British Columbia, Canada, and forming nearly half the 900-mile (1,500-km) border between the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

The Mackenzie and Selwyn mountains farther north along the border between the Northwest and Yukon territories are often included in the Canadian Rockies. To the west, the Rocky Mountain Trench (a geologic depression) separates the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies from the Columbia Mountains, which include the Cariboo, Selkirk, Monashee, and Purcell mountains and are also often considered part of the Rocky Mountain system.

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“With sweeping vistas, pristine air, and wilderness, it is the perfect place to recharge from it all”,

Naomi Huzovicova.
Canadian Rocky Mountains
Stimulate Your Soul In The Canadian Rocky Mountains

3. Yoga On The Edge Of The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans:

The Salt Pan of Makgadikgadi is entirely all alone beach which any introvert person has to survive in a very extreme touch. Place which is away from the crowd and hustle which ruin such people’s lives.

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The pans are vast, desolate, and inhospitable. Still, life persists. They are one of two breeding spots for flamingos in southern Africa, and summer rains briefly flood the pan and bring a variety of wildlife to the previously lifeless plain.

Introvert people always bored from crowd and gathering but they are least bore from loneliness.

Yoga On The Edge Of The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

4. Road trip to US National Parks:

Being introvert, your foremost part of travelling enthusiasm is with the road trips. And this will be only fulfilling by conducting a budget road trip to the national parks of United States. This plan would surely get you out of the stressful routine back at office and home since you will experience the unfolded sceneries of the national parks and its heading roads.

Introvert best part and loving nature is to stay away from the crowd and noise. To find this environment you have to explore the Nation’s best parks of US. And this is the only way to stay away from the normal crowds.

You can plan you trip when there is free time of when your kids have school timings.

A national park passes the destinations like Yosemite, Arches National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Mount Rushmore costs just $80 annually. You can save money by staying in inexpensive hotels or camping along the way. You could enjoy some peace and quiet while hiking gorgeous cliffs, white water rafting, or just curling up with a good book in the great outdoors.

Road trip to US National Parks

5.Lost In The City Of Tokyo:

This largest city is enlisted in the world’s largest metropolitan area. History of Tokyo is initially started with the small fishing village, which was firstly settled in around 3000BC and is known as Edo or estuary.

It has been first time fortified in the 12th century and became Edo which is now converted into the site of the Imperial Palace) in the 1450s.

Lost In The City Of Tokyo

Facts about Tokyo city:

1-            Tokyo began its life as a village known as Edo.

2-            Center of Massive earthquake destroyed nearly half of Tokyo in 1923.

3-            There has also been a big destruction happened. One is the Allied bombing of Tokyo which is just a destructive just like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

4-            Tokyo is considered to be world’s busiest city.

5-            Oldest Monarchy in the world is also awarded to the Tokyo japan.

6-            Tokyo is only the city which has homeland in the world which does not hold by any other metropolitan area.

“Tokyo is a great place for introverts because you can remain anonymous” and spend your time there as a hustle free person. You only have to enjoy with your own body to meet your introversion.

6. Salsa Dance By The Sea In Cuba:

Most people imagine that for dancers to be successful, they have to be extrovert to gain constant attention and affection from the people and considered that introvert people can never enjoy being into this habit.

But don’t let anyone tell you that just because you’re introverted, you can’t have a career in dance.

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According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, the only real difference between introverts and extroverts is where they get their energy. He/She can also bring an entertaining moment but in another context which any extrovert cannot understand or thinks.

According to Michaela Chung:

“Dancing is a great activity for introverts because it is a way of connecting without talking”

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Salsa Dance By The Sea In Cuba
Salsa Dance By The Sea In Cuba

7. Peak Mount Kilimanjaro:

Mount Kilimanjaro Located in northern Tanzania, the 19,000-foot Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and this is the only free standing mountain in the world which you never find at any other place.

Although the fact that you can hike up Kilimanjaro without crampons or technical climbing gear. This makes it one of the easiest mountains to Pass; it also means it’s no stranger to tourists. Still, you can take less crowded routes, and even if you’re not alone, life doesn’t get much more serene than a top this majestic mountain.

Being introvert you can take different all alone routes and passing away by enjoying your life with ease and beauty.

As per  John Manooigan.

 “You can hike all day without seeing more than a handful of hikers passing by you”.

Peak Mount Kilimanjaro
Peak Mount Kilimanjaro

8. Epic Scenery Of France’s Bordeaux Region By Joining a Bike Trip:

                As I am writing this to the introvert people. So keeping in mind that this bike trip would be your most amazing trip in your life to gain the best of your introversion.

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You can manage your bike trip to different places where you feel peace, calm and satisfaction.

You can find following best things in your trip at France’s Bordeaux Region:

1-            Riverside Riches

2-            Gastronomy & Fine Wine

3-            Bordelais Art de Vivre

Epic Scenery Of France’s Bordeaux Region By Joining a Bike Trip
Epic Scenery Of France’s Bordeaux Region By Joining a Bike Trip

9. Pontresina, Switzerland:

There are three most popular resorts and for those who happens to be introvert, these places are very much revived and soul refreshing points. In winters there are no one except the snow covered mountains, vacant hotels and those few people who love skiing at the trails of resorts.

In the winter season this valley is completely turned into paradise. However, Pontresina is the most feasible and suitable place for the introverts to visit in winter rather to summers when there is huge crowd and different activities happening.

Being introvert you can have the best place where you and the cold breeze will enjoy the life and meet the need of your introversion.


Pontresina, Switzerland
Pontresina, Switzerland

10. Visit The Martha’s Vineyard Ocean:

Martha’s Vineyard located in the Massachusetts in the United States. This is an island and ocean includes the smaller adjacent Chappaquiddick Island , which is usually connected to the Vineyard, Introvert people who usually fed-up of the crowded hustles of the society are welcomed at  Martha’s Vineyard where he/she can find the best moments to spend a loneliness period of their life to think about the world on the bank of the island. This island constitutes the bulk of Dukes County, Massachusetts, which also includes the Elizabeth Islands and the island of Nomans Land.

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As a writer and introvert, there is no better place for inspiration and creativity than living in a fortress-like house with Walter Knoll interior on Martha’s Vineyard as depicted in the movie, The Ghost Writer.

Visit The Martha’s Vineyard Ocean
Visit The Martha’s Vineyard Ocean

11. Malta’s Sister Islands, Gozo & Comino:

Malta’s sister island Gozo offers peace and tranquility to all those seeking a romantic getaway from everyday life.

If you are seeking a holiday with a difference, then Gozo, the sister island of Malta offers a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Only a 20 minute ferry ride away from Malta, Gozo is often mentioned in connection with bliss and pleasure, as conveyed through its name which means ‘joy’ in Castilian.

The second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago, Gozo has ripples of greenery from the south-west to the north-west while the coast is surrounded by cliffs. Its rural and easy leisurely pace has given local residents a simple life that remains rooted in its culture, fishing and agricultural society.

. “Malta is still fairly unknown to American tourists, which makes it the perfect place for introverts to blend in and disappear for a short trip”

Carly Smith.
Malta’s Sister Islands, Gozo & Comino
Malta’s Sister Islands, Gozo & Comino

12. Discover Antarctica:

Find an incredible opportunity to any introvert person to work with US Antarctic Program. Since there is very small population where he/she can get the most amazing time to satisfy the introversion.

Being introvert, Antarctica is great place to discover self-discovery and own reflection.

“It would be an introvert’s dream to work in the U.S. Antarctic Program. With such a small population, it is an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and reflection”

Kenneth Campbell.
Discover Antarctica
Discover Antarctica

13. Appalachian Trail for Self-Reflection:

By trekking hundreds of  Km’s all alone, being an introvert this is something that needs to be planned for the fervor of life.  As an introvert, there is nothing better than connecting with nature directly with transparent and cold breeze to inhale in the lush green nature.

There are hundreds, millions of places which suits for the introverts to visit but I have mentioned top 13 recommended places for introverts to visit. 

Introvert person does not mean he/she is cut from the entertaining hustle of the world but he is enjoying the productive life from the other expect of the nature which giving an additional vibe to the world and itself to the people.

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Appalachian Trail for Self-Reflection
Appalachian Trail for Self-Reflection

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