Incredible Travel Destinations From Films and TV

Incredible Travel Destinations Choose From Films and TV. Many people watch a lot of movies, drama and TV serials in their lives. People feel exciting by watching new adventures that how the heroes dealing with that adventure. People get excited by watching different adventures and beautiful locations where our characters are present.

Incredible Travel Destinations From Films and tv

Most people wondered where the famous character had been shot down in the movie.

Here I bring those answers of the question plus all the information about the most famous characters are living and their location.

  • New Zealand – Lord of the Rings.
  • West Bay, Dorset, UK – Broadchurch.
  • Alnwick Castle, Northumberland – Harry Potter.
  • New York, USA – Sex and the City.
  • The Causeway Coast and Glens, Antrim, Northern Ireland – Game of Thrones.
  • Las Vegas, USA – The Hangover.
  • Benidorm, Spain – Benidorm.
  • Paris, France – Inception.

Destinations From Top Films Seasons and Dramas:

As the all films and TV Shows are completely filming by world top production companies. And this company is grabbing the minds of the people and works on research on what idea should be cast to deliver a very informational, entertaining, and scenic view to the viewers. When it comes to the characters, you see they are moving from one place to another place just to have some relax and giving some time to their families but this thing creates a very interesting and entertaining story which dominates the imaginations of the viewer and hence this way they try to follow what character has put up in their life to spend well. And particularly when any visitor watching, he completely jumps into those places in their imaginations that give him a unique experience, and hence they get inspiration.


Top 3 Most Incredible Production Companies:

  • Warner Bros
  • Universal Pictures
  • Paramount pictures

Top 3 Incredible destinations Selected For Famous Movies, Films and TV Show:

  • New York  (Friends)
  • Los Angeles (Sex and the city)
  • Paris (Scandal)

From Europe to America and Africa to Asia, there is a number of destination where many series of dramas and movies are shot.

Now moving into some basic ideas about the shooting of the films and the teamwork of the whole team, all team working is entirely monitoring and handled by a director who has to plan everything with the locations, weather conditions and locality.

If we come to know that movies and tv shows are shot under the heavy sunlight, deserts, cold mountains, glaciers, seas, rivers, beautiful land, majestic mountain and a well decorated house to a very simple home.

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Although people taking their acts as fake but considering their struggle they are spending harsh and dangerous moments of their lives so people take this perspective as well and that is why they get fame, they inspired by what they see in the movies. They also inspire and love the most famous destination in the movie. As a result, they prefer to go to those places and save a very interesting memory for their lives.

 For instance, some of the most famous Star Wars films are shot on planet Earth, Tunisia’s deserts to be shorter and not in space as the story suggests.

All of these destinations will swirl your mind, so let me help you decide where to go first.

Travel Destination from Top Films, Movies, and TV Shows:

Get ready for your next trip to some travel destination from your favorite Film and TV. Note, all destinations are good but you need to pick one and must choose wisely

Morocco, inspired by Game of Thrones

Morocco, inspired by Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones will surely know, as this is shot not only in single or few places but in different parts of the world, from Northern Ireland to Croatia and then to Iceland. Morocco is usually an overlook destination to choose from. Which has been also covered in the first and third series? Your Essaouira’s dramatic visit and its cliffs will bring back the third series finale, where the city stood in as Red city. Manage time to tour across the country and enjoy the stunning breathtaking sceneries.

1- K2 Winter Expedition 2021

Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Your arrival at King’s Landing is welcoming, this is the capital of Game of Thrones‘s mythical land of Westeros (King’s Landing).

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city having boasts with its unique architecture which takes us to the days of the past. Particularly the are of the Old Town. The fortresses, Sky talking high stone walls, and the congested streets are more than enough to bring yourself in the soul of the famous TV show.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Matamata, New Zealand – New Zealand is known as Middle Earth in the world and this fact would know every fan of the movies. Because this country is known for the introduction and the main storytelling city for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So considering this fact, when you come to chose the travel destination from TV and FIlm, your pin on Matamata must be on top. You may know it as the Shire (Britain District), the place where the so-called hobbits live in neat, small hobbit holes. There are amazing green meadows blanked with the beautiful flowers.

Matamata, New Zealand


Jet to Japan and get ready to be blinded by the lights. Make like Bob Harris (aka Bill Murray) and marvel at the neon signs in Shinjuku, the business and entertainment district of Tokyo. Charlotte has got much fame and many fans have inspired the way he had a quality time at Park Hayat hotel. If you’re planning to sleep, have a drink at the Park Hyatt Hotel just like Charlotte at the Kenzo Tange tower at its upper-level floor.


Vatican City :

Vatican City is known for the Christian community and People often associate this city with Christianity. This association only created and build from the scene of Dan Brown’s controversial thriller Angels and Demons. Vatican is an amazing travel destination from film and tv where you get the real hospitality. So plan some tours and out to explore the unforgettable adventure across the numerous cathedrals and museums in the Vatican City.

Vatican City


An inspiring delicious dinners and quality time is shown by Aziz Ansari’s pilgrimage in Italy. This has made everyone impatient to have pasta’s, pizza’s and other meals. The capturing on location has recreates all those meals in real life. In addition to this, you must be inspired by the lunch at the Bar Schiavoni, Hosteria Giusti dinner, and the amazing drink parties at Enoteca Compagnia de Taglio.


Glenfinnan Viaduct, UK 

Maybe you must be thinking that Hogwarts would be among the destinations from Films and tv while speaking to harry potter. But there is another location which is dazzling and famous from the iconic films including harry potter is as important – Glenfinnan Viaduct.

It represents the trail where Hogwarts Express the following of the school. The eyecatching railroads and the magnificent journey from the movie would make your journey as good and you might have thought.

Glenfinnan Viaduct


The Dressmaker’s Dungatar landscape in the scorched is just fictional, the cast filmed in Victoria, Australia. Plan there to see the mind-blowing and magical scene to see where Dungatar’s trains pull in, then drive over towards the You Yangs to Mount Rothwell, where Elvis the emu had his starring role. For culture, head to Yarraville, where Liam Hemsworth shot at the Sun. if you love socializing and extrovert to interact with people the must go to Longerenong Homestead, near Horsham, where the wedding reception was filmed, or Jung Recreation Reserve, the seat for football-match scenes.


Skiathos, Greece 

You must have listened to Marley’s voice singing ‘Money, Money, Money’ in the walls of this dangerous Greek island. The perfect scenery on the Aegean Sea is wonderfully captured in the hit musical Mamma Mia!If you watched this movie then you must have wished to visit this beautiful land. The blue-green sea, sandy beaches with glittering effect, the music which comes from amazing tavernas, and the hot sun are there to welcome you and make you enjoy this Mediterranean heaven on Earth to the full zeal.


Cambodia :

This land is quite mystical rocks and temples you must move.

Due to the Role of  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie, Cambodia is enlisted in the top travel destinations from films and TV where it portrays the heroine Lara Croft, has an epic adventure in Cambodia.

In this beautiful land , Angkor Thom has also been explored by her. The number of temples with 54 towers with carvings of smiling faces. You can follow her steps, too, with these tours. You also customize to get more of your own choice but following to here she has visited and gave the inspiration to the fullest.


Los Angeles, California, USA :

If you are more in hustle and bustle and also an extrovert. This travel destination from TV and Film is more important and must be in your top list. Because this gonna be full of hustle and bustle. A cluster and gathering of people from different parts of the world.

So, I want to talk about Los Angeles, which is the home of Hollywood and is the most famous and important place between the destinations from films and TV. However, every film or tv show is not filming outside or just in theaters. But here The popular TV show Scandal, for one, borrows the Palace Theatre as the office building of the successful Olivia Pope. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of those shows. You must be craze and enthusiastic to go for such a hustling city. So, don’t wait just pack holdings and pin the awesome spots because you don’t want to miss those spots where you got inspiration from the TV shows.

Los Angeles, California, USA

The South of France, inspired by Riviera

Riviera on NOW TV has made everyone’s mind as the sun, sea, and a French getaway. This must be very much clear that if you are will to face the danger zone in Georgina Clios’a world of crime, you can visit the show’s destinations along the actual Riviera. Roaming down from Rue Valperga to Massena Square from episode eight, then wander around the Asian Arts Museum from episode seven. This famous character from film and tv, Georgina lives in Château Dieter in Mougins, a palace normally rented out to celebrities and oligarchs for lavish parties in the heart of the Côte d’Azur that’s well worth a look.

Some Equipments to keep:

Plan to take the fullest of the dangerous and rocky zone of the world. I am sure you must be craze and would enjoy the ups and downs of the Riviera.

The South of France, inspired by Riviera

Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand 

Thailand is itself a paradise land but this Ko Phi Phi Leh is rarely visited and must be visited to this paradise land. Which is covered and encircled by beautiful majestic mountains, lie white-sand beaches as soft as cotton and clear translucent water. Now it’s understandable why Ko Phi Phi Leh has great and one of the historical serving for the renowned film “The Beach”

A glimpse of Leonardo Di Caprio, the story follows his character’s relationship with a beach community of marijuana lovers. Since this film has been filmed but apart from this, Thailand county as the main attraction to experience its beautiful beach views and its sky-touching mountains.


Petra, Jordan – Without visiting Petra in Jordan from the travel destinations from Film and TV is not complete. Because the Indiana Jones, the third installment of the ultra-famous film was filmed here. As per The Last Crusade’s plot, the Holy Grail is present in this ancient town, spotted in private at Canyon of the crescent moon, which is actually the temple Al Khazneh.

This beautiful land is enriched with Greek architecture, that is why many travelers have loved this movie and are frequent travelers. I am pretty sure that this will worth your visit to every aspect of being a very famous traveling destination and also a top travel destination from film and tv.

Petra, Jordan


Hawaii the most attracted part of world which has invited many movies and it screws to shot here. This part of beauty land has given a film and production agencies a success after success.

Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and Cameron’s Avatar a blockbuster movie has used these islands’ just because of its most attractive beauty for their scenes.

You cannot differentiate the CGI effect and its real beauty which this land of Hawaii has.


Doune Castle, Scotland 

Doune Castle has a historical story. Anyone cant go by skipping this land because this part is one of the most famous destinations in films and TV. Which is Sterling,

I am going to mention few films which servd by soctland.

  •  Outlander 
  • Game of Thrones. 

If you really planned to visit, don’t miss the breathtaking and eye-catching view of surrounding lakes.


Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco 

This Country for the best Travel Destination from the Film and TV has a unique fame for its beauty and its successes. The most successful and Award-wining movie Gladiator was filmed here and this is the reason that this country got very much travel attraction due to this successful filming history.

In addition to the above achievements, South Morocco has a historical architectural history, which is the proven idealogy about this travel land for ksar in the Ounila Valley.


Cornwall, UK 

This amazing Cornwall has rocks on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean where waves breaking its flow by the collision with rocks. If you are in love with the movie sense and the historical visits you must pay a visit to Cornwall’s countryside, are well worth a visit.

Cornwall uk
Cornwall uk

Istanbul, Turkey 

Turkey is also a best travel destinaiton chosen from film and tv. Turkey has given the world famous production companies an Oscar Award for filming there thier most expensive and thrilling movies. like Argo.

In the Oscar-winning movie, the Ben Affleck performing main role, covers the story of six Americans that escape the embassy in Teheran, Iran.

Actually, this film was decided to film in Iran but they have to use Istanbul as a subtitle. It has a colorful bazaar and the crowded public places with markets obviously giving the success to the filming movies here. And for this reason, they chose to film here and they got succeed and win Oscar.

Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

New York City, USA 

New York is the city of glamour. You would love to visit but apart from this city of the USA has served world top gatherings. shows. films and many other meetups that credited the fame of New York. Hence, this country is count int he top travel destination from film and tv. Last but not least, I am sure you can miss the scene from King Kong, when the enormous monkey climbed up on top of the Empire State Building. It’s a history of movies.

New York City
New York City

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