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PCB & GB Government plans to construct Pissan cricket stadium

PCB & GB Government plans to construct Pissan cricket stadium  

PCB & GB Government plans to construct Pissan cricket stadium. The Gilgit-Baltistan government has decided to construct a cricket stadium at Pissan in Nagar Valley this year after the images of gawadar stadium went viral. 

Twitter and social media trend got spike when there is an image of gawadar stadium went viral on twitter by ICC.

Where is pissan cricket stadium located?

Pissan village is located in district nagar gilgit baltistan. A 70km distance from gilgit city. If you even stayed on Rakaposhi view point then there is an interchange connected on KKH for pissan and minapin village. Minapin village is a touristic area as well. From pissan mian market you have to take route towards the pissan cricket stadium(locally beekichang gotum). This uphill trek takes 2 hours by hike/trek while 30 to 45 minutes with 4/4 jeel and same.


Scenic Beauty of Pissan Village Nagar:

Although whole valley is enrich with glaciers, peaks, meadows, pastures, lakes and amazing traditional dishes. But while going towards pissan cricket stadium there is a dramatic landscapes welcoming you at every stage. You will have a broader view at the top. But when you reach at the pissan stadium, the uphill trek entirely converted in to a green and plan ground.

The amazing part of this stadium is, a one side is magnificently shadowed by a steep and giant rocky mountain, the front side has a stunning crystal Rakaposhi Peak while the other side is densed with pine trees make this amazing pissan cricket stadium a unique one comparative to the other stadiums in the whole world. This stadium has a natural dramatic look which does not require any artificial changing. It itself speaks loud for it identity.

GB Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid Khan has tweeted and announced on Wednesday after a meet up with Pakistan Cricket Board Chairperson Mr. Ehsan Mani.

CM GB has shared pictures of pissan cricket stadium and visuals of meeting with Chairperson PCB Mr. Ehsan Mani.

This is historical achievement for whole GB and in particularly Nagar Valley. The decision took soon after the images of pissan cricket stadium went viral on social media handles and almost every celebrity, sports groups, politicians, local people shared on their profiles.

Feasibility of Pissan Cricket Stadium Nagar (Beekichang Gotum)

The feasibility of this cricket stadium is as same as any other domestic and international stadium. It natural and very close to nature that has favorable weather even in peak summer. Other specialties of this stadium can be read from the this link. Feasibility of Pissan Cricket Stadium Nagar.

CM GB has announced the construction of pissan stadium this year and it will ensure the cricket lovers feels on different perspective. They will be played in a very favorable weather and far away from dust and dusks from the hustle of crowded cities.

Fast Bowler Umer Gull Tweeted on Pissan Stadium:

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