Consolidated List of Nagar kings – Nagar State Gilgit Baltistan

Nagar state was the princely salute state in Gilgit Baltistan and has a list of Nagar Kings for the princely ruling. It left until 1974 from 1947. Then it has been merged with northern areas of Pakistan under the elected government of Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

From the Muglot prince of Nagar, Birdagier Mir Shaukat Ali Khan was the last prince of the Nagar state until 1972. Later on then PM Pakistan has added it into northern areas of Pakistan.

Below is the list of Nagar Kings / Mir’s (Princes):

  • Muglot
  • Azur
  • Shamsheer
  • Sultan Khan
  • Fazal Khan
  • Duad Khan
  • Ali Dad
  • Khamal Khan
  • Rahim Khan
  • Barbarullah Khan
  • Habi Khan
  • Alif Khan
  • Zafar Zahid Khan
  • Mohammad Khan
  • Sikandar Khan
  • Soukat Ali Khan

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