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Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi and Declared 2nd in Pakistan

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi & Declared 2nd in Pakistan, at age of 41 becomes the 2nd Pakistani to ascent Rakaposhi Peak with a brand new route after 23 years from South Spur/Ridge. The last successful expedition was done in 1997. But domestically last successful summit was successfully pushed in by Col. Sher Khan and now after 42 years, Wajidullah Nagari has summited following a brand new route.

Facts about Rakaposhi Mountain 7788m:

Rakaposhi is the world’s 27th, Pakistan’s 12th highest peak, and the third most beautiful peak in the world.

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi:

As per Khairullah Nagari, a brother of Wajidullah Nagari has confirmed the summit news via a message received from climber Wajid that Wajidullah Nagari pushed Rakaposhi. And mentioned their descent after the summit push.

Noted that: Rakaposhi Peak Nagar can be seen from Gilgit, Hunza as well but the original feed and major attractions can be found in Nagar Valley.

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Rakaposhi Peak Dangerous to Summit:

This Peak has a dangerous steep route and it is much difficult to make a successful trip.

It is the only peak in the whole world that has a 5000m, straight uphill wall that no other peak does from the base camp. So Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi bravely.

Rakaposhi Peak Nagar is way technical and risky due to the changing weather frequently at any time. That is why Rakaposhi is also called “Mother of Mist”.  

The most dangerous part of Rakaposhi Peak is, there is unexpected avalanches that hit at any time and it’s usual. Many climbers have lost their lives.

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Rakaposhi Climbers 2021:

Rakaposhi climbers in mission Rakaposhi 2021 consist of a Pakistani Climber from District Nagar, Wajidullah Nagrai, and two co-climbers from the Czech Republic Mr. Peter and Mr. Jakub.

Total Days of Rakaposhi Mountain Summit:

Rakaposhi Summit was done on the 10th day by the complete summiting days including both sides would be winded up in 12 to 13 days.

Total Expeditions of Rakaposhi Peak:

There is a total of 26 expeditions takes place starting from 1896 but out of only 9 expeditions successfully pushed.

Declaration from Alpine Club of Pakistan:

Mr. Karrar Haidari of the Alpine Club of Pakistan confirmed the successful ascent of Rakaposhi with two Czech republicans.

Why Rakaposhi Peak is so much famous?

Although Rakaposhi is the 27th highest in the world and 12th in Pakistan but the best part of its fame is only the beauty. Its beautiful ice wall can be seen from different areas of Gilgit. Particularly when you drive on the KKH Nagar Valley section you would be having an incredible view of Rakaposhi from different angles from different villages event the opposite of Nagar, Hunza Valley.

Rakaposhi Mountain First Climbers:

Rakaposhi mountain was first time climbed by UK expedition led by Mike Bank and  Tom Patey 1958.

First Climber Wajidullah Nagari from Nagar Submitted Rakaposhi:

Soon After Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi, the people of Nagar valley feels, he has given strength to the mountaineering community by Scaling Rakaposhi that was left unscaled for years. He has made the people of Nagar feel proud in the tourism industry and proved that local geeks can perform well across high altitude peaks even without any sponsor or aid.

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Rakaposhi Meaning:

Rakaposhi has previously known Raki-poshi, which means house of fairies.

9 Wonderful Facts About Rakaposhi Peak 7788m:

Mission Rakaposhi Summit Successfully done 2021
Mission Rakaposhi Summit has Successfully done 2021

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