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Rescue Operation Launched for Stuck Climbers at Rakaposhi

Rescue Operation Launched for Stuck Climbers at Rakaposhi. A team of 3 climbers(one Pakistani Wajidullah Nagari and two Czech Republicans Peter Macek and Jakob Vicek) was stuck at 6900m after being done with the push successfully.

Rakaposhi Peak is located in Nagar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, referring to the incident Deputy Commissioner Nagar Mr. Zulqarnain has escalated the issue to the authorities about the arrangements of helicopters to rescue
Wajidullah Nagari and other two climbers at Rakaposhi.

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Condition of Czech Republican Climbers

The reason to be stranded at this high altitude is due to, one of the Czech Republican Climbers got frostbite and can’t even move so that is the only reason that the other two climbers cannot move down until any rescue operation to airlift the ill one.

Wajidullah Nagari and the other two members have chosen a very new route to summit Rakaposhi mountain and they succeeded on September 10, 2021.

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Note that, two days ago Wajidullah Nagari has done the most difficult summit with his co-climbers by following a new route from
south ridge.

Condition of Rakaposhi Mountain Stuck Climbers:

Stuck climbers at Rakaposhi mount are in contact with few people and he assured that he and other climbers are in good condition except the one who got frostbite. On 12 September, army helicopters have tried hard to fly and locate the members but after multiple visits weather has not allowed them to fly smoothly and Abdul Joshi’s service can also not possibly avail in recovering.

Rescue Operation Launched for Stuck Climbers at Rakaposhi

To Rescue the stuck climbers at Rakaposhi, Today on 13 September 2021, an army rescue operation has been launched yesterday that was not possible to search due to bad weather but it will be again launched today if weather permits them.

Today aerial and ground search operation both will be planned to recover the climbers as soon as possible.

9 Facts About Rakaposhi Peak Nagar

Wajidullah Nagari Pushed Rakaposhi & Declared 2nd in Pakistan, at age of 41 becomes the 2nd Pakistani to ascent Rakaposhi Peak with a brand new route after 23 years from South Spur/Ridge. The last successful expedition was done in 1997.

9 Facts About Rakaposhi Peak 7788m Nagar

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