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Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today

Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today. Wajidullah Nagari and Czech Republican climbers had summited the rarely summited Rakaposhi peak(7788m) from a very new route from Juglot Goro.

Expert Alpine Climber from Nagar Valley Wajidullah Nagari

Soon after they scaled the peak and decided they’re descend, one of the Czech republican got some health issues i.e. frostbite and height illness. The other two climbers have started to manage this situation but they failed to take away out and as a result. Wajidullah Nagar has called for a Rescue operation and sent SOS.

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Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today

This happened almost in the evening times on September 11, 2021. Local, family members have started informing the authorities and prominent leaders of the emergency call. Anyways, after the timely intervention of Deputy Commissioner Nagar, Mr. Zulqarnain, MLA Ayub Waziri, Finance Minister GB Mr. Javaid Manwa with other social workers, made possible for the arrangements of helicopter rescue operation next morning.

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The consecutive two days operation winded up with no outcomes due to weather although they planned some expert climbers from Hunza (Mr. Joshi and Mr. Kareem Hayat). After the recommendation from locals and experts more expert climbers called from Skardu and hence Sajid Sadpara came on 14 September.

On 14 September there a huge development occur, last day helicopter has pointed to the location of the stuck climbers. So next day at around 6:30 AM is they started the operation taking necessary ropes, food items, some communication devices with some dresses. However, after an hour or a short, they have contracted his brother Khairallah about the picking up of food items and said that they started their descend with the help of received ropes.

Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today

Finana Minister Gilgit Baltistan Javaid Manwa:

As per the finance minister, Wajidullah Nagari and Czech Climbing team would be rescued with good health at any cost.

Moreover, Javaid Manwa has assured them that the operation named Rakaposhi Rescue Mission is incredibly managing by the FCNA team and all credit goes to them that they have dedicatedly initiated this campaign without any delay and they assured that they will utilize every possible way to vacate the climbers back to the homes safe, healthy and sound.

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Adding more to it, finance minister Javaid Manwa said, with the help of Pak Army on a third of operation, food items and other important items have been dropped that has been received by Wajidullah Nagari which was confirmed too. So, they started to descend till at 6000m. So that they could be airlift or may be Wajidullah Nagari and another healthy climber would keep their descend to record this summit successfully to the whole world۔

Member Legislative Assembly Gilgit Baltistan Ayub Waziri

Lastly, Javaid Manwa has thanked the force commander northern areas, MLA Muhammad Ayub Waziri, Former Minister Muhammad Ali Quaid, or technical teams i.e Abdul Joshi, Sajid Sadpara, Kareem, Nazari, and others who played a pivotal role in the success of this rescue operation.

Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today 4
Rakaposhi Stranded Climbers and Huge Development Today 4

Team Needed for ground Rescue operation at Rakaposhi:

“The Georgian team that has summited Saraghrar Peak in Chitral, has shown interest to take part in this operation as they would have all equipment.”

However, tonight there was a meeting help with local teams, climbers, and former experts about the planning of operation on the 4th day. And they considered the Georgian team to call from Chitral to Nagar valley but that was not yet completely decided. But hope the team members, Archil Badriashvili, Baqar Gelashvili, and Giorgi Tepnadze will join today.

Facts About Rakaposhi Peak Nagar

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