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Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Why do they call Hunza Valley the refresher to your heart and soul? The reasons are here.

Here, we will discuss “Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan” in detail.
Gilgit Baltistan, or The Northern areas, is the fifth province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, known for its beautiful valleys, the world’s longest glaciers, and mighty mountains.
 Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, Gilgit Baltistan has been divided into three divisions: Baltistan, Gilgit, and Diamer. The home of five eight-thousanders and has fifty peaks higher than 7,000 meters. The traces of the 2000 BC civilization were found in Gilgit Baltistan rock carvings on mountains in the form of different sculptures of Buddha.

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In my list of places to visit in Hunza, let me introduce a short history and then jump into things to do in Hunza Valley. In 780 CE, the region of Gilgit Baltistan was part of the great Tibetan Empire. Islam was introduced to the Gilgit region via Muslim Sufis from Central Asia and Persia. Gilgit Baltistan contained the world’s highest mountain ranges, the great Karakoram and the western Himalayas.

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The K2 and Nanga Parbat are the most dreaded mountains in the world. Due to its beautiful high-altitude lakes, mighty mountains, and beautiful landscape, Gilgit Baltistan is a dreamland for tourists around the globe. The Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is suitable for tourism in any season. There are many famous places to visit in Hunza.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

The valley of panoramic beauty, with fertile lands, historical mass migrations, and centuries-old traditional tastes, is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. When you travel to Gilgit City, you will first experience the beautiful villages of Nagar Valley. You will also love to stay at Rakaposhi View Point Ghumet Nagar. This chain of villages in Nagar has spread widely, even opposite to Hunza.

This valley has three regions: The upper Hunza or Gojal, The central Hunza or Hunza Valley, and the lower Hunza or Shinkai. This mountainous valley is located in the northern region of Gilgit Baltistan. Buddhism was the main religion in this area before the arrival of Islam. In the 15th century, this Valley was a central trading route from the subcontinent to Central Asia and played a significant role in the spread of Buddhism around the world. Even today many works of graffiti in the ancient Brahmi script by Buddhist monks are present on mountains as the mark of their worship and Culture. The local languages in Huzan Valley are Burushaski, Shina, and Wakhi.  The literacy rate in Hunza Valley is more than 95 percent. The local handicrafts, music, dances, cuisine, festivals, and traditional celebrations of Hunza are famous worldwide. 

Beautiful Places to visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
Beautiful Places to visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Famous places to visit in Hunza

The paradise on earth, Hunza Valley, has many beautiful places to visit. From the mighty Rakaposhi Peak to Eagel Nest Duiker, Hunza is the land of mystic beauty, allowing you to explore new horizons. Below, you can find details about the places to visit in Hunza.

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Karimabad, also called Baltit, is the capital of Hunza Valley, famous because of its Royal family houses. The construction of the village consists of stones. The best time to visit Karimabad is April to October. Karimabad is located on the west bank of the Hunza River, which has been a stopping place for tourists for centuries. The remarkable landmarks of Karimabad are Baltit Fort, Queen Victoria Monument, Channel Walk, and the Glacier of Ulter Nala.

Passu Cones

Passu cones are pointed peaks located in Passu village of Hunza Valley. These cones are very near to the Passu glacier, which is the seventh-longest Non-Polar glacier. Known for easy hiking and having shaped like cones, the name Passu Cones.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Hussaini Hanging Bridge is the world’s most dangerous rope bridge. Hanging over the Borit Lake in the upper Hunza, the bridge’s condition is really poor due to a lack of attention from local authorities. But  Hussaini Hanging Bridge is still an attraction for tourists and hikers worldwide.

Baltit Fort

Baltit fort was built  700 years ago, the Mirs of Hunza abandoned this fort in 1996. In my list of places to Visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, Baltit Fort has its own presence and traveler recommendations. Due to the authorities’ ignorance, the fort’s structure began to deteriorate, but in 1990, His Highness Aga Khan IV initiated the renovation and restored it to its majestic glory. 

Altit Fort

Located in Altit town, Altit Fort is the most ancient fort in the Hunza Valley. The white Huns from the army of Alexander the Great started a human settlement in Altit. It was the first original home of Mirs of Hunza. Three centuries later, they moved to Baltit Fort. The Altit Fort is about 1100 years old and is the oldest historical monument in Gilgit Baltistan. UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation was given to Altit Fort in 2011. Due to negligence, Altit Fort was in the worst condition but was restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Programme in 2007.

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Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake was created on January 4th,2010, due to the Attabad Disaster. As a result of massive land, sliding blocked the flow of the Hunza River for five months as a result, Attabad Lake formed. Attabad Lake is famous for its turquoise blue water and spell-bound beauty. This lake is also ranked among the top lakes in Pakistan because of its beauty and exceptional charms. This picturisque area is top-rated as per visitors on my bucket list of Places to visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan.

Sost Border

The last village of Hunza is Sost, next to the Chinese border. Sost village is important because of cargo transport and border crossing traffic. The highest Mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range, the Khunjerrab Pass, is located in Sost. Sost Border is a symbol of Pak-China friendship. This village is also a habitat for rare snow leopards.

Eagle Nest Duikar

Another point on my list of best places to visit in Hunza is awesome and dramatic, especially with the ariel and bird’ s-eye view of Hunza and its opposite Nagar Valley. Duiker is a small village, and Eagles Nest Hotel is located on Duikar Viewpoint in the Valley of Hunza, about 10,000 feet above sea level. From this viewpoint, you can get panoramic views of Rakaposhi, Golden Peak, and other mountains.

The Hotels in Hunza Valley to stay

Anytime you visit a place, you want the guest house and hotel rooms to feel like home. In Hunza Valley, a few hotels offer luxurious rooms at the price of a standard hostel room. Few hotels offer premium services to their guests.

Hunza Serena Inn is the best 4-star hotel in Karimabad, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. Its rooms, with beautiful views of Hunza Valley, provide the comfort of home.

Hunza Darbar Hotel is another luxurious hotel located in Karimabad. The hotel has 40 rooms with 3-start facilities.

Hunza Hilltop Hotel Karimabad is another three-star hotel with a quality food supply and clean, comfortable rooms at a reasonable price.

Hunza Embassy offers a view of magnificent Rakaposhi, quality food, and 3-star facilities. While Hunza View Hotel is a 2-star hotel, it is very good if you have a smaller budget.

The people of Hunza

With beautiful Greenish Blue eye color, the people of Hunza are famous for their natural beauty and average age of 100.

People from different races and cultures lived in Hunza Valley. The natives of this area are known as Burusho or Brushi, also known as Botraj. The Burusho people are keen lovers of music and dance. Hunza is located at a very high altitude, so the people of Hunza are isolated from the rest of the world. This isolation and utopian environment made them a mysterious subject for study.

The friendly and hospitable People of Hunza are closely attached to their traditional living style, as some villages are over 100 years old. According to some research, the People of Hunza are the happiest clan on earth. Their daily exercise and simple lifestyle keep them strong and healthy. The elderly population is fit, full of life, and disease-free.

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Famous Cuisine of Hunza

The reason behind Hunza people’s health and long lives is their healthy and hygienic diet.

If you love and wish to visit Hunza Valley after reading my travel guide on Places to visit in Hunza Valley, here are some famous dishes worth your visit. The people of Hunza have a variety of local cuisines, which are famous worldwide for their mouth-watering aroma and delicious taste.

The region of Gilgit Baltistan is full of real, natural-flavored foods and hygienic cooking methods. Many delicious cuisines are famous worldwide and are trademarks of Hunza Valley. Some of the traditional cuisines are mentioned here.


Chopshuro is one of the favorite cuisines of Hunza Valley. It’s like a center-filled pizza. The bread stuffed with mince is cooked in onions, tomatoes, and spices and baked in a specific tandoor oven. If you ever visit Hunza Valley, don’t forget to try delicious Chopshoro. You will get this real taste at Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nala.


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Harissa is a delicious combination of rice, meat, wheat, and spices. it is always cooked in special mud pots. This dish is for special occasions like weddings, work celebrations, etc.


Shopan is another tasty dish of Hunza Valley, specifically prepared at the Nasalo event. Mince flour and spices are marinated in vinegar or lemon juice and cooked into meatballs covered with doh.

Hoi Lo Garma

Hoi Lo Garma, or Garma, is another delicious dish from Hunza Valley. Its key ingredients are mustard grains and bread, and it is served with the traditional salad of Gilgit Baltistan.

Hoilo Garma
Hoilo Garma

Go-Lee/ Giyaling

Go-Lee, also known as Giyaling, is an essential part of normal or traditional breakfast in Hunza Valley. It is made of whole wheat flour and butter. It is closely related to the event of Ginani, which is the celebration of wheat harvesting in the month of May.

Golay - Giyaling
Golay – Giyaling

The Hunza water

Hunza water is the name given to local wines prepared from grapes, mulberries, apples, and apricots by the Hunza people. The best time for making Hunza water is autumn, which locals call a winter survival aid. 

Once in life, you have to visit the places of Hunza Valley. It will help you to expand your mental and aesthetic abilities to understand the world.

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