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Victories of Shandur Polo Festival From 1986 to 2022

Victories of Shandur Polo Festival From 1986 to 2022. In this way, Chitral presents the scene of paradise on earth. This populous land has given birth to many such children with education while Someone made the name of Chitral famous in the field of medicine.

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Polo is the national sport of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. The people here love and love polo to the point of insanity. It is the most difficult sport in the world which is called war without a sword. There is no formal law. Hitting a horse with a horse. Not allowing the opposing prince to play during the game. Horse galloping ahead of another horse can do.

Victories of Shandur Polo Festival From 1986 to 2022

Every year, a freestyle polo is held between Chitral and Gilgit in Shandur, located at an altitude of 12,500 feet, where it is impossible for human beings to breathe. Playing freestyle polo there is an interesting sight for the whole world. The beautiful area gives incredible views and memories.

History of Polo Festival Shandur

History of Polo Festival Shandur:

For the first time in history, Mujir Kobe, a Portuguese political agent, played polo on a moonlit night at the site of Shandur. With the passage of time, this event has been nominated as a calendar event.

Every year, the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan gather at this place to share their love. Alexander, who ruled for 30 years, is actually Alexander the Great.

Victories of Shandur Polo Festival From 1986 to 2022

Information courtesy of Zia-ur-Rehman Koghazi

1986 Chitral 7/4 Captain Shahzada Sikendar
1982 Gilgit  by 16/ 3 Captain Wilayat Khan 
1989 Gilgit 9/4 Captain Raji Rahmat 
1990 Gilgit 16/3 Captain Raji Rahmat
1991...Gilgit.9/0 Captain Raji Rahmat
1993..chitral. 8/7 Captain Shahzada Sikander
1992...Gilgit.8/4Captain Raji Rehmat
1994....Gilgit.6/4Captain.Raji Rahmat.
1995...chitral.5/3 Captain.sub Maj Maqbool
1996..Gilgit.8/4Captain.Raji Rahmat
1998...Gilgit.7/4 Captain.Raji Rahmat
1997..chitral...5/4Captain.sub Maj Maqbool
2000....chitral..7/6Captain.sub Maj Maqbool
1999....No Gmae Due to Kargil war
2001...Gilgit...5/4Captain.Bulbul Jan
2002....Gilgit....7/4Captain Bulbul Jan 
2004...chitral....7/3Captain Shahzada Sikandar
2003....Gilgit....8/4Captain Bulbul Jan
2005..Gilgit....6/3.. Captain Bulbul Jan
2007...chitral...3/2Captain Shahzada Sikander
2006....chitral....9/7 Captain Shahzada sikander 
2008....chitral....8/6 Captain Shahzada sikander
2009...chitral....9/2 CaptainShahzada sikander
2011....Gilgit....7/4Captain Ghulam Abbas
2012....chitral....10/5...Shahzada Sikander
2016...Chitral....11/6....Shahzada Sikander
2017...CHITRAL....12/7...Shahzada Sikander 
2018...CHITRAL....10/5....Shahzada Sikander
2019...Chitral Won 7/6 Captain Shahzada Sikendar Ul Mulk  (In Lahore)
2019....Chitral Captain Shahzada Sikendar Ul Mulk [In Peshawar ]
2022: Chitral 10/9

Total Victories

2022: Chitral 10/9

Shandur Polo festival 2022
The beautiful free style polo game among Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral has been concluded. Chitral has won the polo match with 10/9. Note that this game has been an attention to the whole world because it is being played at the elevation of 12000+ ft height. They sorrounding peaks and beauty is worth to remember.

Polo game in gilgit baltistan is getting fame day by day. The youth is very much keen to review the victories of their ancestrals. This game is famouse in the past hundreds years ago particularly in gilgit baltistan and delhi of India.
Nagar Team has won many mathces in delhi as was considered one of the tough team in the whole teams.

Information about Victories of Shandur Polo Festival From 1986 to 2022 taken from the wall of Zia-ur-Rehman Koghazi

Gilgit Baltistan Polo Total Victories

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