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Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan

[Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan] Pakistan’s choice of spellbinding snowfall destinations beckons winter enthusiasts to explore the wonders of its snowy land. Whether it is the majesty of its snow-covered mountains or the tranquility within its snow-blanketed valleys Pakistan offers everything. These are must-visit snowfall destinations in Pakistan.

Join us to discover Pakistan’s snowfall destinations! Do you hear the mountains calling? From the streets of Murree and the slopes of Malam Jabba to the majestic beauty of Nagar Valley, Fairy Meadows and Naltar Valley, explore the snow-capped wonderlands that make this a truly season of adventure.

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Let’s go on an enchanting journey that will take us beyond the map, where each snowflake has a new story to tell and the frost-tinged glories of a new day will keep us company. Wrap up warm – the snow awaits!


Pir Panjal Range’s Murree served as a charming hill station, a mere hour’s drive from Islamabad. It transforms into a snowy wonderland as winter approaches; the beauty is matched only by the innumerable snow activities attracting visitors from all over Pakistan. Murree naturally remains at the top of the list for those seeking snowfall in Pakistan.

Nagar Valley

Gilgit-Baltistan’s Nagar Valley is nothing short of a heavenly spectacle when the snow season arrives. It presents a glorious sight with the peaceful landscapes of the valley, Hopper Valley, and Nagar Khas donned in a blanket of snow. These places provide an enchanting sight to the beholders.

Every nook and cranny of these valleys, from Rakaposhi’s sublime peaks to its frozen streams’ serene waters, is dressed in a delicate coating of snow, making for a view from a fairy tale. From skiing and snowboarding to simply basking in the glory of nature in its wintery best, there is no end to the joys waiting for visitors.

The Nagar Valley, Hopper Valley, and Nagar Khas, Gappa Valley, together, capture the hearts of all who come to enjoy their cradle of snow.

Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan - rakaposhi basecamp
Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan – Rakaposhi basecamp

Fairy Meadows

Reaching out from under Nanga Parbat the ninth highest mountain in the world is Fairy Meadows, a serene alpine meadow offering a winter experience like no other. Accessible by a tough trek or tough jeep ride, Fairy Meadows is remote and snow-covered throughout the winter months with unforgettable views of jagged peaks on all sides. To camp under the stars in the peaceful serenity of these snow-covered mountains is an unforgettable adventure for snowfall enthusiasts through and through.

Hunza Valley

This gem of the northern region of Pakistan (Hunza Valley), its renowned splendor and hospitable locals. Surrounded by giants, the valley naturally provides spectacular sights of a white, snow-blanketed heaven on earth as the season turns. Village-to-village, orchard-to-orchard, skiers and snowboarders will find refuge in its benevolence, closely trailed by those seeking Zen by soaking in its tranquility.

Swat Valley

Often referred to as the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” Swat Valley is a true wonderland of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The valley experiences heavy snowfall throughout winter, covering its breathtaking landscape in the pure white of winter. Charming villages and historic sites await exploring, while snow activities amidst picturesque mountains abound.


Naltar Valley

Hidden in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Naltar Valley waits to show off its unspoiled beauty and heavy snowfall. A beautiful two-hour trip from Gilgit is all it takes to reach this pristine wonderland of snow. The snow-covered wilderness around the valley is every thrill-seekers fantasy. From skiing to snowshoeing on the best-kept trails, the valley scenery is enough to make you forget the cold.

Malam Jabba

During winter, the Swat District embraces its reputation as Malam Jabba, Pakistan’s only ski resort, opens its doors to snow enthusiasts. The valley is covered in thick snow during the winter months, allowing those who can ski or snowboard to make the best of the perfect conditions. The physical beauty around Malam Jabba also makes for great photos and a day of hiking along the Buddhist archaeological sites and picturesque hiking trails.

Naran & Kaghan Valley

Located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Naran and Kaghan Valleys are renowned for their stunning landscapes, lush greenery in summer, and snow-covered mountains in winter, making them a favorite destination for snow lovers.

Naran and Kaghan Valley are located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. These valleys are renowned for their stunning natural beauty, lush greenery in the summer months, and snow-covered landscapes during the winter.

Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan

During the winter months, typically from November to February, Naran and Kaghan Valley transform into a winter wonderland, attracting tourists and adventure enthusiasts from all over the country. The surrounding mountains and hills are blanketed with snow, creating a picturesque setting for travelers.

Popular attractions in Naran and Kaghan Valley during the winter include:

Lake Saif-ul-Malook: This iconic alpine lake is a major attraction in the area, and during the winter months, it is covered in snow and freezes over, creating an incredibly beautiful sight.

Siri Paye Meadows: Located near Shogran in Kaghan Valley, these lush green meadows offer scenic views throughout the year, especially during the winter when the surrounding mountains are covered in snow.

Babusar Pass: This high mountain pass, a mountain range at 4,173 meters, offers panoramic views of snow-capped peaks accessible during the summer months. It serves as the leeway to Naran and Kaghan Valley.

Siri Lake and Paye Lake: These serene lakes are near Shogran and freeze during the winter months, allowing the traveler to enjoy trout fishing in a frozen lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains.Lake Saiful Muluk: This placid lake, the highest in the valley, offers trout-tainted scenic beauty.Lake Saif ul Muluk, Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PakistanLakes.Blanketed with snow, the picture-postcard view of the spectacular valley receives snowfall during the winter months.

Top Destinations for Snowfall in Pakistan



The capital city of Balochistan province, Pakistan, is located in a valley near the eastern end of the country, at an altitude of 1,680 meters (5,510 feet) above sea level. The city experiences a semi-arid climate with very cold winters and relatively hot summers with the scarce precipitation. During wintertimes, from December through February, Quetta receives snowfall. The snowfall gives a picturesque standpoint to the city, as well as its surrounding mountains.

Quetta surrounded by snow covered mountainsThings to do in the region of Quetta includes a variety of trails, a banana garden at Hanna Lake, views at the 6000-foot Zarghoon Mountain and a thriving market culture.

Winter attractions in Quetta include:

Hanna Lake: A beautiful, man-made lake located just outside of Quetta city, Hanna Lake is surrounded by mountains, and during the winter, snow is often visible on the hills in the background.

Ziarat: About 130 kilometers from Quetta, Ziarat is a popular hill station with a climate that makes it an ideal vacation place during summers and during winters, snowfall attracts many tourists. Ziarat is also home to the Quaid-e-Azam Residency, a historic building that served as the summer residence of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, during his last days.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency: Located in Ziarat, this historic site is a tourist attraction when not in winter, but during the snowy months the site is even more picturesque, with the surrounding area covered by a blanket of snow.

Tourism Flow in Snowfall Destinations

Each year the snowfall destinations in Pakistan welcome a significant tourism flow to the country that helps to keep its tourism parts moving. Recent statistics show that the visitor figures to these snowfall destinations in Pakistan are rising year on year in search for some skiing action for themselves. Murree, meanwhile, can attract millions of visitors during the winter making it one of the most popular of the snow destinations in Pakistan of all.

Famous Snowfall destinations in Pakistan

Similarly, snowfall destinations such as Hunza Valley, Swat Valley and others have seen a surge in tourism, as both local and international travelers have flocked to experience the unique beauty and charm of snow-covered landscapes. The growing accessibility of these destinations, coupled with improved infrastructure and accommodation options, has further fueled the influx of tourists headed for the snow-clad areas.

Safety Measures for Winter Tourism

To ensure the safety of travelers, particularly in destinations with heavy snowfall where weather conditions can be extremely variable. Taken care of through weather monitoring and alerts, provision of rescue services, maintenance of roads, and dissemination of safety guidelines to tourists. Several measures have been undertaken by local authorities and tourism organizations in Pakistan, including:

Weather Monitoring and Alerts

Monitoring of weather conditions throughout winter and keeping visitors informed of any dangerous conditions, such as heavy snowfall and potential avalanches.

Rescue Services

Deployment of dedicated rescue services to snowbound areas, staffed by trained personnel and equipped with the specialized equipment needed to be able to take quick and effective action in any emergency.

Road Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the routes leading to snowbound destinations and ensuring they are safe for travel amidst generally slippery road conditions, especially during the depths of winter.

Safety Guidelines

Distribution of safety guidelines and tips among travelers, containing common-sense advice including dressing warmly, taking essential supplies and avoiding risky behavior in snowbound areas.

A little background information

Emergency Preparedness: Hosting training sessions and running drills for tourism stakeholders to prepare them for emergency situations , such as medical emergencies and natural disasters.

Information Centers: Establishing information centers at snowfall destinations in order to offer tourists pertinent information, maps, and assistance, as well as safety tips and emergency contacts.

By implementing these safety measures, officials are working to promote responsible tourism, while allowing tourists to continue to explore the country’s snowfall destinations.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Meet Sarah — an avid traveler who loves visiting new countries and experiencing new sights. When winter arrived, she decided to take a trip to the snowfall destinations in Pakistan.

From the breathtaking sights in Murree to the desolate beauty of Fairy Meadows, Sarah had quite an exciting winter. She kept spirits high while trekking through the snow-covered trails and sleeping in freezing temperatures. Whether she was skiing down the slopes in Malam Jabba or relaxing in a mountain hut in Hunza Valley, she truly lived every moment.



With such a diverse array of landscapes and so much natural beauty throughout the country, Pakistan has a number of destinations for snow lovers to choose from and enjoy here in the winter. Whether you are seeking adventure on the slopes or just want to enjoy the peaceful ambiance that can only be found in the midst of a cool blanket of white, these top destinations are sure to deliver on any snowfall dreams.

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