Top Honeymoon Destinations in Gilgit Baltistan

Honeymoon Destinations in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan offers a treasure trove of hidden gems for the adventurous couple and provides a honeymoon. With its breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage, and endless adventure opportunities, this charming region promises to create memories that will last a lifetime. So, get on your extraordinary honeymoon journey and discover the magic of Gilgit Baltistan. This […]

My Trip To Daitar Valley Nagar

New Place Found In Nagar Valley - Famous Places near Hunza Valley - Daitar Valley Vlog

My Trip To Daitar Valley Nagar. The Chalt Bar Nagar region of Gilgit Baltistan has another hidden gem called “Daitar Valley.” This part of Chalt Bar Nagar is also considered “Heaven in Chalt Bar Nagar.” It is hardly 50 km from the Karakoram Highway.

17 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan To Travel

17 Most Beautiful Places to travel is a guide to travel in whole pakistan.. Think of the famous mountain peaks, the emerald-green and turquoise-blue valleys, the deserts filled with the remnants of ancient civilization … and not even half of it.Paksitan is considered to be a diverse and having historical and heritage sites.